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Adult-targeted Paid Media Campaign

OBJECTIVE: Show audiences that Barbie has a new form factor, allowing for a whole new world of storytelling possibilities at a smaller scale! Showcase extended play possibilities and world-building value of the line through its small-scale and cute collectibles.

THE CAMPAIGN: Create your own Barbieland wherever you are! In this campaign, we demonstrated the limitless ways kids can create new worlds with Mini Barbieland. Mom’s toiletries on the counter? The perfect scene for fashion show. A record player doubles as an excellent stage for an epic concert. Capitalizing on the accessibility and small scale, we showcased how these products can create magic in everyday scenarios - utilizing tiny dioramas created with Barbie Miniland products as well real household items to demonstrate the authentic ways kids play.

Mattel Creative Leads: Cassandra Scholnick, Zlatan Kusnoor
Social Strategy: Amanda Szlasny, Tiana Kupinski, Lucas Allen, Yasmin Khamasse
Account Manager: Taylor Schatan
Copywriter: Audrey Marra

Director: Heather Kasprzak
Producer: Natalie Masciale
DP: Shan Liljestrand
1st AC: Jen Pawlowski
Editor: Gary Chan
Photographer: Jason Tidwell 
Digi Tech: Brett Ziegler 
Gaffer: Jose Ibarra
Grip: Sal Mousavi 
Swing: Hanuel Kim 
Product Stylist: Tula Nowlan 
Set Stylist: Krystal Debord
Art Director, Miniatures: Raphaelle Gamanho 
Set Assists: Jo Siri, Natasha Parbhu 
HMU: Judy Haft 
Wardrobe: Robin Lebowe
Set PA’s: Aaron Lorick, Saris Ahmed