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   Concept development + creative direction for studio & lifestyle photography + video  

photography by The Factory Digital

You’ve been called to dance among the wildflowers, losing yourself in the beauty of this unruly floral sea. 

  Studio concept: Deconstructed Meadows. 
A contained version of an unruly floral sea will sets the scene for studio photography. Florals include key notes and a mix of other exciting wild flowers. Backdrops made of soft gradients inspired by the product color palette.

  Lifestyle: Fantastical wild flowers, bursting at the seams  
Transform your space into a majestic floral wonderland with every stroke of a match. To transport our audience into a surreal floral wonderland, we created stunning indoor “meadows” in unassuming locations within the home. I.E. a sink overflowing with wildflowers, wildflowers crawling up the walls in the living room, etc.

  the result: